Borja González


Borja González was born in Arnedo, La Rioja. Graphic designer, illustrator, plastic and circus artist. Vocationally, he was born to draw and to paint. Professionally, he has been growing in the area of sand art for over 10 years.

With his company, the Ytuquepintas Company, he performs in national, European and American theatres, with his personal sound and a solid staging. Since 2012 he’s accompanied by Roc Sala at the piano and, whenever possible, other musics join in with cello, percussions, baglama, rubab, etc. The Ytuquepintas Company has achieved an international reputation of the critique, perhaps, thanks to the loyalty of its members.

Borja, an accessible and smiling person, he enjoys the small pleasures of life like a kid, he enjoys a good glass of wine (remember, he was born in La Rioja, which is probably Spain’s finest wine region), is a sports enthusiast, loves the mountains and likes to observe the stars at night and the huge show the cosmos offers us; an empty canvas whereon to add colours, float and voyage.


Fragments of art that are entertained in a costume, DanZano in the air. as it has always done and as the sand often make my ideas.