Cia. Ytuquepintas


Ytuquepintas is a young Catalan company based in Mataró (Barcelona) which is operating actively since 2012. Founded by the multidisciplinary artist Borja González, accompanied by the composer and pianist Roc Sala and with Joaquim Aragó in charge of production.

Currently they’ve been joined by musicians Quico Pugés (Cello), Alex Guitart (Percussions) so as a larger support team. David Cózar is sound and light technician, David Mullor, is in charge of administrative and legal aspects, whereas Dirk Volkmar is in charge of international distribution.

Art made with sand is the main basis of the shows developed by the Ytuquepintas Company ; Drawings made on a hand crafted light table are projected live on a big screen. These images are accompanied by live music, large format puppets and speed painting, telling beautiful and poetical stories.

Borja González

Borja González is a painter, a drawer and an acrobat who went to different art schools in order to gain the mastery of all the techniques in plastic arts and acrobatics so as to merge them later on stage.

Degree in graphic design and illustration. Courses in drawing, painting, ceramics, enamel, engraving, photography, etc. Graduated from the circus academy Rogelio Rivel, with specialisation in acro-balance. During three years, he has received classes of hand to hand in France and Barcelona with different teachers: Vicente Espinosa, Claude Victoria and Pascal Angelí.

Since 2003, he has participated in different circus companies: Brequilibro circ, Los Villalba, Circ Alienzo, Mes tumacat.

On May the 8th of 2010 he started to perform as a solo artist and created “Borja Ytuquepintas” (Borja and what is it you’re painting). A project, in which he merges different artistic disciplines, such as: sand art, circus, live music, big-sized puppets and speed painting.

His shows « Dreams of Sand » and « Dreams of the Mediterranean» have been programmed in the best festivals and venues of Spain and also in France, Greece, Portugal or the United-States

Alexandre Guitart

Alexandre Guitart is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist (drums, percussion, baglama, rabab, tambour, etc.) who studied different musical traditions, such as the Cuban, the Turkish or the Persian. He went on international tours with music groups or theatre companies like for example Dusminguet or Els Comediants. Besides of the Ytuquepintas Company, he also belongs to the Residual/Gurus company, a percussion group whose instruments are made out of recycled materials.

Roc Sala

Pianist Roc Sala studied at the music academy of Argentona, at the Conservatory of Granollers (middle grade), at the Catalonia College of Music – ESMUC (graduate degree, specialisation in classical and contemporary piano). Some of his teachers include: Jordi Masó, Maria-Jesús Crespo, Quartet Casals, Francisco Poyato, Martí Ventura or Albert Bover.

He has worked with the Cia. Alba Sarraute (on the shows “Mirando a Yucali” and “La Diva”), Monti (Joan Montanyès), Leandre (on the show Play), Pep Bou (on the show “Atmosfera“), the Ytuquepintas Company, and with music groups such as December quintet or Arangu.

Francesc Pugès

Francesc Pugés is a multi-instrumentalist with a higher degree in Cello by the ESMUC (Catalonia College of Music). He has given several classes of musical performance, pedagogy of the instrument, Willems methodology, so as about the IEM method;

He worked as teacher and head of studies at Trivium, school of performing arts of Sant Julià de Lòria (Andorra) from 2009 to 2012. He also gives workshops of music creation to people with functional diversity for the social work of “la Caixa”, for the last few years and he also collaborates with the centre of performing arts for social integration “Xamfrà” as a cello teacher.

Professionally he has been a member of the National Catalan Youth Orchestra, of the Spanish National Youth Orchestra, of the Chamber Orchestra of Vic, the Symphonic Orchestra s.XXI and the Chamber Orchestra Terrassa 48. He is a current member of the string quartet Brossa.

Joaquim Aragó

Lighting designe and production

David Cózar

Sound and light technician

David Mullor

Administrative and legal matters

Dirk Volkmar

International distribution & language consultancy