We’re used to see art as something that will last forever, like a work that stays alive after the death of the artist. But art can also be short-lived, art can be for just a moment, without having to transform itself into something lasting… at least, not in the physical world! That’s the magic of dreams of sand, once the show finished, it lasts on as a story, a tale, a dream, in the memories of each member of the audience, and certainly every one of them will be unique! Which will be your dream of sand?

In “Dreams of Sand”, Borja González tells us, with only a little bit of sand and his hands, the story of two people throughout their lives, from the dreams that start building up during their childhood, through the experiences of their adult life, up to the point of view acquired by the experiences lived and allowing a retrospective look.

Drawing after drawing, the story carries the spectator to moments filled with emotions, takes him on a journey to different places of the world and, subtly, brings him to think in a poetical way about his own feelings, life experiences and memories.

The show is ideally accompanied by sensitive and beautiful live music, all of which is composed by Roc Sala (Piano) joined in the interpretation by Quico Pugés (Cello, double bass, musical saw) and Àlexandre Guitart (Percussions, baglama, rabab).


Show for all audiences

55 minutes

Artistic direction
Borja González y Julio Hontana

Original idea, sand art, puppets
Borja González

Original score, arrangements, piano
Roc Sala

Percussion, baglama, rubab
Alexander Guitart

Cello, double bass, musical saw
Francesc Pugès

Lighting designe and production
Joaquim Aragó

Sound and light technician
David Cózar

Administrative and legal matters
David Mullor

International distribution & language consultancy
Dirk Volkmar

With the participation

With the collaboration